20141018 [IT技術講堂] Hyper-V 3.0 R2 與 Icinga 經驗分享

因日期與 2014 PHP Conf 衝突,已經在 2014/9/15 Mon 取消當天活動,擇期再辦!



20140920 [讀書會] Yii Framework CRUD 說明

非常物件導向的 PHP 框架:Yii

我曾經利用 CodeIgniter 開發商機擷取與管理的 Web Application,對於 PHP 程式設計師是很適合作為入門的第一個 框架 (framework),簡單而且容易上手。

因為 ZurmoCRM 採用 Yii,為了要客製物件,我開始學習 Yii,並且撰寫相關文章放在 Amigo’s Technical Notes: Tag Archives: Yii。相對之下, Yii 使用更多物件導向的元素,框架更為複雜與龐大。

這次在搭乘高鐵離開高雄回到台北前,希望能與當地的網友分享學習心得,因此在星巴客左營高鐵門市舉辦小型讀書會,相關的內容可以參考 Amigo’s Technical Notes: Tag Archives: Yii


20140928 TEDxKyoto 温故知新 ONKOCHISHIN

2014/9/19 Update: It has total 17 speakers announced.


温故知新 comes from Confucius. It means to re-examine what you have learned. The current you and past are different. If you may have new ideas or feeling by re-examing, you are learning new things from and by yourself.

It helps people to accept who they are and where they from, encourage them to face the past and discover new for the future by re-examining on their own.